ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A state police officer patrolling Interstate 40 in Albuquerque watches a car blow by him. The officer tries to pull the driver over but takes off and swerves in and out of traffic, driving through neighborhoods and even going the wrong way into oncoming traffic. It finally ends with a crash and a foot chase.

It started on I-40 near the Big I when a car sped by a state police officer on the night of February 17. The vehicle with three people in it weaved in and out of traffic until exiting on Gibson.

The suspect, later identified as Ronnie Rael, drives into a neighborhood and state police let the helicopter take over. State police vehicles catch back up with Rael’s car as it hops back on I-25 heading south and exits onto Airport Blvd. That’s when police try to end the chase.

The vehicle continues on Airport Blvd. going the wrong way. Rael’s vehicle drives down the onramp and turns onto University, continuing to go the wrong way. The damaged vehicle, at this point, loses a tire tread and is on rims.

He then crosses back into the right lane of traffic. The officer waits for backup to arrive and then ends the chase with a second PIT maneuver.

Two of the three suspects take off. “You get him, I got this guy,” says Officer Wright on lapel footage. “Come here, you are not going to get away from me. What are you freaking thinking? What are you freaking thinking?”

Police arrest both men and search the vehicle and find a meth pipe. Ronnie Rael tried to convince the officer he wasn’t on drugs.

Officer: When was the last time you used meth?
Rael: About three days ago. I ain’t lying to you, swear to God.
Officer: But you are showing symptoms of it.
Rael: I am? But I just ran from you.
Officer: You don’t get dilated pupils from running, dude.

Rael then apologizes for the chase after being told he is going to jail. “I’m sorry. I f****** up,” Rael says. “I should have stopped.”

“You could have seriously hurt your buddy,” says the officer.

“You know, they stole my car and we just went and got my car back. You know at first, I didn’t even know you were the cops until you put the lights on me,” says Rael.

Ronnie Rael and one of his passengers, Gregory Garcia, were charged in the incident. They both have long records of drugs and other charges. They both didn’t show up to court and now have active warrants for their arrest. The third person in the vehicle was not charged with any crime.