ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One person has been charged federally in connection to Wednesday’s triple homicide at Kaseman Hospital. Richard Kuykendall is being charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and the complaint is linking him to the triple homicide at Kaseman.

The complaint says it happened Wednesday in the alley behind Mario’s Pizza on San Pedro and Cutler. Kuykendall was walking in the alley and a dark-colored Chevy Malibu pulled up from behind and stopped next to him. Kuykendall tried to get in the car.

Then someone inside fired several shots at Kuykendall, which can be seen striking a cinder block wall behind him, according to the complaint. KRQE News 13 saw holes in the wall there Friday.

The complaint says Kuykendall ducked while several more shots were fired through the windshield. Kuykendall was able to get in the car and shut himself inside. A few seconds later he exited the car and walked to a nearby dumpster where the Albuquerque Police Department later found a pistol.

Kuykendall got back in the car’s driver seat, on top of the driver, and drove the vehicle to Kaseman Hospital, according to the complaint. When he arrived, he went to the hospital entrance, removed his shirt, and told a security officer there were three dead guys in the Chevy, and fled the scene.

The complaint says when APD arrived, they found three men dead inside, two pistols, and several spent casings. The complaint says Kuykendall has at least 35 arrests in New Mexico and Massachusetts. It also says Kuykendall has an apparent association with the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang and all three victims were members of that gang.

APD confirmed Friday that the alley behind Mario’s Pizza is the second location linked to the Kaseman Hospital scene that they would not disclose earlier in the week. Despite a week of violence, APD insists there is no surge. As of about a month ago, this year’s homicide count was outpacing the average of the last two years by about 75%.