ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The person put on blast and accused of stealing peacocks from a North Valley neighborhood, is telling his side of the story. He says whoever posted the pictures of his car and put up fliers all over have it all wrong and they’re putting his family in danger.

Michael Cruz lives in the North Valley which is known for its peacocks. He says his 13-year-old sister loves to look at the peacocks when he’s driving her to school. “Somebody came out and said what are you doing and my sister was taking pictures of peacocks outside the car and she said, oh, just taking pictures, and a week later, we see the fliers, we’re not sure if that triggered something,” said Cruz.

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He’s talking about fliers that were posted on power poles along Matthew Avenue. On the fliers, you can see it has pictures of his two cars along with license plate numbers. The driver is referred to as the peacock poacher, that has his family on edge.

“They don’t want people coming to the house, recognizing the cars saying these are the peacock guys, we’re going to get them we’re going to go to their front door, that worries my mom, my sister, and my grandma,” said Cruz.

Cruz said he has nothing to hide and just wants to clear up this misunderstanding. “If a cop needs to come over here and check he can, I mean any officer can come over and do an evaluation on the front yard, the back yard anything they need to,” said Cruz. “This person that’s putting the fliers out I just want to tell him that this is getting really creepy, so I want to tell him to please stop.”

People KRQE News 13 talked to in the neighborhood don’t know who started putting up the fliers. Cruz said he has taken some of the fliers down, especially the ones near his house.