ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –AI technology has reached an Albuquerque hospital. It’s meant to help doctors and nurses give patients better healthcare. “Long term what this does is it helps the population stay healthier,” said Vesta Sandoval, Chief Medical Officer for Lovelace Health System.  

Lovelace Health System wants to take a more preventative approach to patient care, so it’s turning to artificial intelligence. Nurses and doctors type in everything they know about their patients and the AI technology sorts through it in seconds. It’s a way to make sure nurses and doctors aren’t missing anything. 

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“The AI just helps to sort through, again if there is an issue or a problem that maybe they’re not thinking about or something that rises to another level of importance it’s going to remind them, oh by the way make sure that they’ve got their appointment,” Sandoval said. 

The program will serve patients diagnosed with two or more chronic illnesses including diabetes and high blood pressure. It launched on June 12 and more than 300 patients have already expressed interest in joining the program so they can see what the AI recommended at home. Lovelace said this will give patients resources, including managing their medications. 

“The idea here is that if we can do a better job managing those chronic conditions at home then we can definitely make a difference for that patient and help that patient,” said Sandoval. 

Lovelace has partnered up with CareHarmony, an AI-powered care coordination solutions provider to start the program. It’s currently the only hospital in Albuquerque to use it. “This is a step towards trying to help people at home manage these problems and make certain that they stay healthy,” says Sandoval. 

If you’re a Lovelace patient and want to learn more, you can visit their website