ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – After a series of delays on the overhaul, work has begun on the new softball complex at Los Altos Park. The project is something both the city and local softball players want to see get done.

“It will be a five-field complex. As of right now, the irrigation has been completed on all but one field. The poles, as you can see behind me, have all gone up; we are waiting for some fencing,” said Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Spokesperson Franchesca Perdue.

Driving by the park located near Lomas and Eubank shows the night and day transformation from what the park looked like a year ago when the project was stalled due to revisions and the types of construction delays the whole world is dealing with.

“Globally, we are facing supply chain issues and that is what we are facing here, that’s been one of the setbacks here. You run into the weather and the temperature and sometimes you’re not able to lay the asphalt because it’s too cold, you’re not able to cut the sawed because it’s too cold,” added Perdue.

With $15 million spent on Phase One of the project, the city’s Park and Recreation Department said they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after all those setbacks. Now, work on the centerpiece of the softball complex is advancing.

“The building will actually have small space in it that the umpires, the tournament organizers, teams will be able to meet in to organize different tournaments that they plan to hold here. We’ll have a built-in concession stand in there, and the restroom will all be available in that building,” said Perdue.

Local softball groups said they’re looking forward to all the amenities.

“Unfortunately, we have to travel a lot. The older groups have to travel out of town to play the better competitions. Now, with the new park coming in at Los Altos, we are looking forward to maybe some teams coming into our backyard and being able to come compete here, so we are not having to travel,” said David Valdez with Next Level Softball.

The city said it hopes the new softball complex will bring more revenue across the metro.

“The more people that we have playing in these tournaments, that means your bringing in players, you’re bringing in teams, so that is not only going to affect this facility, but it’s also going to affect the restaurants and the hotels that people have to go to when they have to stay at,” explained Perdue.

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Parks and Recreation said the completion date for Phase One hasn’t been set because of those supply chain issues, but they are aiming for an opening around this summer. The city is still waiting on additional funding for Phase Two, which will include a dog park and a BMX pump track.