ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been four years since the city of Albuquerque promised to overhaul a busy street but nothing has happened. Now neighbors are calling out the city to get it done.

Four years ago the city made big promises, two years ago they repeated them with talk of ADA compliance, bike, and pedestrian access, and smoother roads. “This intersection was obviously built and designed before that was a priority and that’s why it’s on the list,” said former spokesperson Johnny Chandler for the city of Albuquerque’s Department of Municipal Development.

On Thursday, the intersection looks the same and has been a concern for residents for so long, including resident David Van Wagner. “This intersection has been neglected. before I was even born, it hasn’t been repaved,” said Van Wagner.

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The resident says no excuses should be accepted, especially since it was supposed to take place again this summer. “We can’t wait another year, two years, however long UNM’S expansion is going to take but you know, and that’s two different complete different projects. You know, that’s UNM doing their own project, the city needs to focus on their projects,” said Van Wagner.

He and many in the community say the intersection’s current state is dangerous, especially for those who are being transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital. “Patients in ambulances and transport vehicles that have to feel the roughness and the uneven surfaces on being transported to the hospital. And that can actually, you know, play a significant role in their treatment.”

The city has been planning on working on this since 2018. Back when the plans were written, the $800,000 project was set to begin summer of 2019. Then 2020 arrived and the city said they were going to begin soon. That came and went.

Now residents are demanding the city fix this intersection now or pay the price. “In my opinion. Any motorist that has their vehicles damaged in this intersection should be compensated by the City of Albuquerque.”

KRQE News 13 reached out to the Department of Municipal Development, which is in charge of the project. “With construction at UNMH protruding into the roadway and causing construction delays in the area, the decision was made to postpone the rehabilitation… limiting traffic and safety concerns in this area…”

They would not expand further. Two years ago, the city finished paving and re-striping work on Lomas from Carlisle to Girard, but no other work has been done since