ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you love historical fantasy, complex heroines, and heroes, “Swam Metamorphosis” is a magical realist adventure book. This book covers the story of five ordinary cats who share their mind and sometimes the body of one great predator. In the book, Astrid Lund inherits five ordinary house cats, which her mother had nicknamed ‘The Swarm’ for their habit to cover on each other’s mischief as if they share a single mind. Soon Astrid finds herself transported to the time and place of her cat’s origin, the Homeric Bronze age.

This is William Stubblefield’s released week for “Swam Metamorphis” and you can find this book on amazon and will also be available in some local book stores. This is Stubblefield second published novel. The first is “How Mother Rat Invented the World.” For more information about the author or the book visit his webpage.