ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albertsons Market teamed up with local students. They used art to convey caring about the environment.

The company said their stores in Albuquerque distributed special paper bags. Earth Day art was featured on the bags. Sombre Del Monte Elementary students were the artists. 

“This art project has been a fantastic way to give children in our community an opportunity to engage with Earth Day in a fun and creative way,” said Communications Manager Joey Marcades.

Albertsons said they make sure their stores work towards being sustainable. They recycle plastic and cardboard and reuse wooden pallets. Their stores are also lighted with LED bulbs.

“Whether it’s through our reusable bag credit incentive, the LED lighting in our stores, or our recycling initiatives, The United Family is always looking for ways to elevate our sustainability. This art project helping to educate our community’s children is just another part of that,” stated Marcades.