RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – There may be some unwanted visitors joining you on your summer picnic or even an unwelcomed tenant inside your home this year. Pest control shops are seeing more ants right now. “Bug guys and gals dread this time of year because the ants are so bad and I actually can’t wait until the fall when they disappear,” said Joseph Bovenzi, Vice President of iBugGuy in Rio Rancho.

Bovenzi is used to seeing ants, but this year he says there are more. Ant calls are up about 15% both for the insects in and outside of the house.

“We get people that get ants in their beds and everything, so you could imagine the nightmare that is,” Bovenzi said.

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He says the calls are coming in from everywhere but more so in northwest Albuquerque and the North Hills area of Rio Rancho. During the summer months, they’re always crawling around but recent weather changes, an early monsoon, and a mild winter have all contributed to the extra bugs this year.

“So when it’s a little dryer, we’re going to see more ants because there is less moisture of course, and when it rains we’re going to see more ants because they multiply because everything needs water,” Bovenzi said.

Bernalillo County says they are receiving a steady number of ant reports this year. The city of Albuquerque says they don’t keep track of ants specifically, so it’s hard to say if they’re seeing more. But the city does keep track of fly and mosquito complaints which are up because of this year’s weather conditions. For now, Bovenzi says to keep your ant spray close, although it’s not always permanent.