ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The YMCA of Central New Mexico is offering free enrollment to its four-month blood pressure self-monitoring program. The program typically costs $45 but for the month of February, it is being offered free of charge.

The self-monitoring program is offered in person or virtually on Zoom where it will teach participants how to properly take their blood pressure at home, how to lower stress to impact blood pressure, and how to make other healthy nutrition changes. Program members will meet with a healthy heart ambassador twice a month to get their blood pressure checked and will also be able to take part in nutrition seminars. The program is open to anyone with a hypertension diagnosis that is 18 or older – excluding those that have had a cardiac event in the last twelve months.

The YMCA explains that about a third of New Mexicans deal with high blood pressure and its associated risks. The program intends to help New Mexicans learn methods to live a healthy lifestyle. Program Director Sara Ukeiley says, “we strive to not only educate our participants and provide them with resources but also to empower them to take control of their health and their futures.”

Ukeiley expresses the importance of continuing health habits as the year goes on saying, “February is a really important time for our bodies. We’re working to maintain healthy life resolutions we made in January, and as it’s American Heart Month, we’re thinking of ways to improve our heart health and overall health.”

For more information regarding the program or to register visit or email