ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Speed cameras are back on Lead and Coal after one of the original cameras was vandalized. The camera at Lead and Cornell in the University of New Mexico area was ripped off its base in late June just two weeks after it was installed.

The city removed the corresponding camera on Coal as a precaution while they considered more secure places to mount the cameras. KRQE News 13 found crews installing new cameras higher up on light poles out of arm’s reach.

The city says within the next couple of weeks, they expect to have a dozen speed cameras up and running. Those include the cameras already on Lead and Coal, Eubank, Gibson, and Unser. New locations include another one on Unser at Western Trail, Montgomery and San Mateo, Lomas near Wyoming, Central near the Albuquerque Biopark Botanic Garden and two other locations still in the works.