ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A late-night traffic stop turned into a quick swim for a Bernalillo County deputy when he tried detaining a suspect. The two tumbled over a rail and fell 15 feet down into an irrigation ditch.

“You were walking in the roadway. Okay? And not on this dirt path that’s out of the roadway. Two, your bicycles don’t have the proper equipment to ride them at night,” a deputy explained to the two suspects. 

Not even two minutes into the interaction, one of the deputies and 22-year-old Andrew Marler took a fall into a 15-foot ditch. Luckily, filled with enough water to break their fall. It all started when the deputy tried to put Marler in handcuffs. Then the deputies soon realized while they were dealing with Marler, his girlfriend didn’t bother to stick around. 

While Marler was being questioned, he admits to having a gun with him and that his girlfriend has a warrant out for her arrest. The convicted felon tells deputies why he attempted to flee. “He said he tried running because his girl had a warrant. So I guess he’s on pre-trial right now for unlawful carrying,” said one of the deputies. 

It turns out Marler also had a felony warrant out for his arrest. He was charged with being a felon with a gun, battery on the deputy, and for failing to have a light on his bike. Marler was let out of jail with the promise he’d behave, and then arrested again later last month for throwing rocks at a friend and then robbing him. He was let out again to await trial and then blew off a court hearing. There’s now a warrant out for his arrest.