ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An iconic western will be screened at the Kimo theater, but it will have a unique twist. This edition of the Clint Eastwood classic A Fistful of Dollars will be dubbed entirely in the Navajo language.

It’s a project spearheaded by Navajo Nation Museum Director Manny Wheeler. His team has already developed Navajo dubs for Star Wars and Finding Nemo, but they wanted to have a western for their elders for this project.

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“It was obvious for me that the language keepers for our native languages in general, they tend to be our elders. So this movie for our elders. It’s for everybody, but it’s something that was from their generation,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler says to make the movie a more immersive experience; it will not have English subtitles. More information can be found online.