ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The teen who killed a motorcyclist while racing back in 2020 was sentenced Tuesday to three years behind bars. Nayali Martinez, 18 years old at the time, pled guilty to homicide by a motor vehicle earlier this month.

Back in February of 2020, she crashed into 64-year-old Thomas Kellepourey on Central and initially fled the scene. She returned after, telling her parents what happened.

Martinez had never been in trouble before, prompting prosecutors to offer a deal that capped the potential sentence at four-and-a-half years. Before the judge handed down Martinez’s sentencing, Kelleepourey’s niece spoke to the court.

“She decided to race for fun and she hit my poor uncle,” said the niece. “He was stopped at a stop light and didn’t even have the chance to get out of the way. As his body laid [sic] all over Central Avenue, Nayali chose to flee the nightmare scene she created and left him to die all alone on the road. I find her heartless actions to be sickening.”

The judge decided that Martinez didn’t commit the crime with malicious intent and handed down a sentence of three years instead of four-and-a-half.