ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People who live and work near the robbery-turned-police shooting off Juan Tabo and Mountain Thursday say they’re still in shock, and explain what was going through their heads as police searched for a suspect.

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A woman who works at a nearby animal clinic said she first thought the popping sounds Thursday morning were firecrackers because there were so many of them. “They were pretty fast in succession,” Manzano Animal Clinic Hospital Manager Michelle Chapman stated.

Her business is less than 500 feet from the Dutch Bros. “It sounded, at least at that point, probably like 10 to 15 that went off and then after I got inside the building and got everybody secure, we heard more shots.”

Chapman said they didn’t know exactly what was happening when they heard the shots, but to be safe they went into lockdown and made sure all their clients and pets stayed inside the building. She said a tactical team later went in to sweep through the animal hospital and other businesses while Albuquerque police were still looking for the second suspect.

Up the street, an employee at Perea’s restaurant described the chaotic morning that led them to shut down early, around noon. She said a customer ran in as they heard shots ringing out.

“It was a lady and she was coming to pick up her to-go order and she just like ran inside and she was just like, you know, distraught, and she asked if she could sit down inside,” employee Monicka Padilla explained.

She stated even though she’s jaded by the crime in Albuquerque, she was nervous to go back to work Friday. The animal hospital was also grateful for the quick action from staff.

KRQE News 13 crews also saw that Dutch Bros. was back open Friday.