For 30 years, Joy Junction has served the homeless community in Albuquerque by providing them with shelter and resources. The operation of the shelter relies solely on the generosity of committed Joy Junction supporters.

In the effort of further helping those in need, Joy Junction and local solar company Unirac Inc. will be partnering for an ongoing #BetterSolarForAll project that will provide much-needed assistance in the reduction of utility costs for Joy Junction facilities. Joy Junction’s chief operations officer Jennifer Sandoval and chaplain Marcus Altwood along with Unirac’s chief executive offer Peter Lorenz discuss this project and how it will benefit the community.

The solar project will install solar energy in Joy Junction’s new building. The aim of the project is to reduce the facility’s solar costs over time. In order to help finish the project, the Joy Junction and Unirac team is asking the public for their help collecting the following items:

Power-related items

  • 66 modules
  • 66 optimizers
  • 2 inverters
  • 2 junction boxes
  • 1 solar production meter
  • 1 solar load center
  • 1 AC disconnect


  • 550 ft. Optimizer to J-Box
  • 70 ft. J0Box Inverter
  • 40 ft. Inverter to Load Center
  • 20 ft. Load Center to AC Disconnect
  • 20 ft. Disconnect to Production Meter
  • 80 ft. Production Meters to MSP


  • 15 safety placecards for equipment labeling

They are also in need of volunteers including eight hours of electrical contractor work as well as general contractors to help to get the system up and running. Cash donations will assist with the 23 separate electric bills for the project.

The system is planned to be installed in March and April of 2020.