ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A northeast Albuquerque business is asking for the public’s help finding its stolen food trailer. Dogos V.I.P. says it’s a huge loss for their business.

“It was gone,” Liliana Mendoza, the part owner of Dogos V.I.P said. “When we showed up we didn’t see it and then as soon as we looked at the doors, there was no chain at all like it was just gone, they even took that I think.”

The trailer, that’s only been around for seven months, was stolen sometime early last week on Jefferson near Lumber Avenue where it was being stored. That’s only a few miles from their brick-and-mortar shop near Montgomery and San Pedro.

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“I mean for me personally, I felt really bad for my husband because he’s the one that’s really invested into it so just to realize it was gone, I’m like what are the chances will get it back, I mean it was pretty devastating,” Mendoza said.

It’s an estimated $32,000 loss for Dogos V.I.P. For now, they will continue to grill up their specialty hotdogs from their main location, but they will be playing catch up until someone comes forward.

“We’re hopeful that we can find it, if not then, will probably just have to put it on hold for a while till we can probably, I guess be able to afford another one,” Mendoza said. “But for now, you know, luckily we still have the restaurant that we can continue to do business with, and then hopefully later in the future, it can be something that we kind of bring back.”

They’re asking for people to keep their eyes peeled. “We’re just hoping if anybody happens to see it, I mean it’s a huge trailer, kind of hard to miss,” Mendoza said.