ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  Andrea Maldonado, owner of Love and Care Child Care Development Center says she’s on the brink of losing her business after fighting daily to keep crime and homeless people off her property.

Maldonado’s business sits in the International District right across the street from the Tiny Home Village. In an area where sidewalks are lined with clusters of tents. Maldonado says it’s brought problems to her business which she has been running for about a year, but nothing she’s done to keep crime and trespassers out has worked. “All around it, there’s a lot of homeless people. I have to clean every single day and check every single day that nothing is wrong,” said Maldonado.

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Even after upgrading the fencing along her property, Maldonado says the trespassers have persisted in bringing trash, drugs, and human waste, “I have been finding some syringes and bottles of beer and clothes and sometimes they poop inside the parking lot.” Maldonado says it is scaring parents and children away, costing her business, and recently, losing clients because of her problems. “I don’t have business, I don’t have people because when they want to inquire they didn’t even go inside to ask for my service,” Maldonado says she has reported her concerns to the city and if her problems continue, she’ll have no choice but to close down.

On Tuesday, when speaking about clearing out the homeless camp at Coronado Park near downtown, Mayor Tim Keller said the city is working on better response times in dealing with sidewalk encampments.