ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque (IRRVA) works to promote empowerment and to provide support to the most vulnerable immigrants, refugees, asylees, and other at-risk, hard-to-reach people in the Albuquerque area. Volunteer program director Nkazi Sinandile highlights the organization’s youth mentoring programs.

The Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque primarily serves low to no income refugee, immigrant, and asylee children and families from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, as well as other parts of the world. The organization explains that most of the families have no formal education or ability to speak, read or write in English.

IRRVA uses general and special funding in order to provide educational and support programs for its families. Sinandile explains that they have seen a need to assist high school and grade school students with their learning. Sinandile says that in January, IRRVA decided to continue its online tutoring program however, there were still challenges as some students did not have internet access.

The organization is seeking donations to keep its programs running. To donate, visit