ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another Albuquerque bus driver took matters into his own hands. Video shows a passenger get upset about the city’s COVID-19 rules, then a fight breaks out. It happened in February after a rider, 54-year-old Ivan McFadden boarded the bus and began complaining about social distancing.

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Driver: “You okay, man?”
McFadden: “Yes, sir.”
Driver: “Yeah?”
McFadden: “I’m good sir.”

McFadden was only one of three riders on the bus when he starts yelling. That’s when the driver became frustrated. The driver then insisted it was time for McFadden to get off the bus.

McFadden: “You gonna let me ride or what?”
Driver: “No. Go ahead and get out, bro. Go ahead and get out, bro. I’m not a babysitter.”

The video shows McFadden walking off the bus but then starts punching and kicking the bus door. The driver gets off the bus and grabs McFadden taking him to the floor of the bus. The driver holds McFadden for more than ten minutes but the city says his actions warranted disciplinary action.

The city said they would not comment further on the bus driver’s punishment, calling it a personnel matter. McFadden has a long criminal history but is no longer facing charges in the case. The district attorney’s office says a key witness refused to testify. The charges could be refiled at a later date.