ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Ignited Minds is a nonprofit that provides free online tutoring to New Mexican students. As schools gear up to head back to the classroom, Ignited Minds has formed a partnership with one of Albuquerque’s local schools, Amy Biehl High School to lend a helping hand to incoming freshmen.

Amy Biehl High School Principal Stephanie Becker and Ignited Minds Executive Director Liv Turner discuss the partnership.

“The reason we approached this school is because we realized ninth graders have never met their teachers in person, they’ve never even probably been inside their own school so there is this kind of disconnect emotionally for ninth graders more so than the tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders,” said Turner.

Becker explains that the students that participate in the programming have the potential for growth. “We wanted to be really strategic, we wanted to find those kids who were attending pretty regularly, maybe not with perfect attendance but that really showed the potential that all they need was an extra little push,” said Becker. “Since we do offer office hours, sometimes they’re too shy to even show up for that. And while our classes are really small, I mean, some are between 18 and 22 students, it’s still the one-on-one makes such a big difference for our kiddos when they can create a relationship and they know they’ve been chosen to really step up.”

The nonprofit strives to fill the urgent online learning needs during the COVID-19 and once the pandemic has safely passed, aims to add in-person tutoring at school sites. Ignited Minds’ tutoring services are offered by volunteer corps who have passed comprehensive criminal background checks, screening, and interviews. They are made up of retired teachers and professionals.

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