ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a convoy of truckers heading from California to Washington D.C. to protest against pandemic restrictions. Friday morning it traveled through Albuquerque. 

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Protesters along I-40 could be seen waving flags, holding signs, and cheering as they show their support for truckers. “The truckers are very important to all of us and we’re here to support them and show that we’re on their side,” says one protester. 

But the hundreds of people protesting lining the interstate with their cars created backups along I-40. Sky News 13 shows people even standing on the side of the interstate.

Some overpasses were so crowded with people that supporters had to find a different spot to protest. Joel Grieshaber explains, “For me I ended up on this bridge because I couldn’t fit on any of the other bridges.”

One protester says he wanted to show up because he feels like his freedom is being attacked. I lost the chance to go to my school. They required me to have my vaccination. I lost my job because they require it ,” says Zac Jordan. 

This all follows the recent Canadian truckers’ protest which also caused traffic issues – shutting down busy streets. “I actually got pretty emotional coming down I-40 when I saw all these people on the bridge. It was very inspiring to see the patriotism,” says Grieshaber. 

The convoy is expected to arrive in D.C next Tuesday, the same day as the president’s State of the Union speech. There will be extra security for the speech and protestors.