ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Warehouse 505, a youth organization that serves kids and teens by immersing them in creative arts, has been working to renovate a historic downtown building. However, on Sunday morning the northwest corner of the building was set on fire. “The damage is pretty extensive and it is going to be a setback for the organization,” said Thierry Gonzalez, the Executive Director of Warehouse 505.

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Gonzalez said they were lucky the fire did not reach the second floor of their new building at 202 Central Avenue SE. Warehouse 505, formerly known as Warehouse 508, caters to teens wanting to learn more about the arts and entertainment industries. The non-profit was started back in 2009. “One of our big things that we like to do with youth is that we like to do job force development with kids and train them and get them ready to take on jobs after the fact that they leave our organization,” said Gonzalez.

The organization is hoping the new facility will help them grow to provide more opportunities for kids in Albuquerque. They planned to move into their new facility by the Fall, but due to the current damage, they are set back.

“The biggest issue that we’re going to have right now is a time issue because of the fact that we’re already currently having issues getting contractors and laborers to come in here and help us with the current situation and now this happens it’s going to make it even worse.”

Warehouse 505 says they face financial burdens by not being able to move into their building right away. They are now asking for community help through a Go Fund Me account. “We’re going to keep moving forward and we’re going to get the doors open as soon as possible. Hopefully, we can get some support from the community and go from there.”

Gonzalez said Albuquerque Fire Department is looking into the cause of the fire. The organization is still unclear on the cost of the damages and is currently assessing those numbers now. They believe this will set them back 4 to 6 months.