ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Halloween costume on sale in Albuquerque is raising some eyebrows for using Mexicans are a caricature.

Tucked away in the adult costume section at Spirit Halloween stores in Albuquerque is the “Mexican Man” costume.

The adult costume set features a poncho and an oversized mustache. Some have found it offensive.

“Every time Halloween rolls around these costumes pop out again,” says Eduardo Esquivel, Programs Director for the New Mexico Dream Team, an immigrants rights organization.

“No one wants to be reduced down to a caricature,” Esquivel said.

KRQE News 13 found the costume for sale at the Spirit store near I-40 and San Mateo. A look at the company’s website shows the costume is also available for purchase online. Reviews for the product indicate the costume has been for sale by the company for at least two years.

News 13 attempted to seek comment from the Spirit Halloween stores corporate offices Monday, however a call was not returned by Monday evening.

Several people in Albuquerque gave mixed opinions about the costume Monday. Looking at a photo of the costume, Jim Asperger called the costume “dumb.”

“It looks like a cheesy, dumb costume and it certainly isn’t representative of a Mexican man,” says Jim Asperger.

“The political climate we’re in right now, there is a lot of potential prejudice against people of Mexican heritage in particular, so it could really be taken the wrong way,” says Andrew Schuler.

However, others, like Joshua Hernandez and Austin didn’t find an issue with the costume.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marketing a culture,” said Huff.

“I’m ‘Hernandez,’ my last name is obviously Mexican, and I feel comfortable grabbing that costume,” says Joshua Hernandez.