ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque teen accused of bringing two guns and ammunition onto school property will have to stay behind bars while his trial progresses. And investigators say the guns are tied to previous shootings – although the teen got the guns after those shootings.

The teen, Michael Ramirez, was arrested last week. Law enforcement claim he brought two 9mm handguns and 33 rounds of ammo to La Academia De Esperanza Charter School, near the West Mesa Aquatic Center. The Office of the Second Judicial District Attorney, which is behind the prosecution effort, says both guns are stolen and both are tied to previous shootings.

Investigators reportedly learned one of the guns is tied to 12 shooting incidents. The other gun is tied to multiple drive-by shootings, according to the Office of the Second Judicial District Attorney.

The three drive-by shootings occurred recently in Northeast Albuquerque. That includes a drive-by shooting at Sandia High School in November of 2022, the District Attorney’s Office says.

News of Michael Ramirez’s arrest with the two guns came just weeks after local law enforcement, politicians, and school leaders announced a zero-tolerance policy regarding guns at Albuquerque schools. The District Attorney’s Office says Ramirez came to possess the guns after stealing them (allegedly at gunpoint) from another student, and therefore Ramirez does not appear to be tied to any of the earlier shootings. And the District Attorney’s Office says those shootings are under investigation.