ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When you hear the name Goodwill, many people think of their thrift store. However, that’s not all that Goodwill has to offer. They’re also a local nonprofit agency that helps New Mexicans find jobs and gain access to specialized social services.

Marketing Manager of Goodwill Pamela Russom discusses Goodwill’s Production Assistant Training Program. The program prepares individuals thoroughly for film and TV industry jobs. Their training helps improve the odds of success in finding a Production Assistant job on a New Mexico production.

While May’s training dates are already completely filled up, Goodwill encourages to still register for future classes. Russom says that Goodwill will try to align the program with upcoming productions. “We work closely with NBCUniversal to make sure that when we’re doing the training, there’s a production to follow,” says Russom. For more information, head to