ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – After shopping at their local Costco, a mother-daughter duo walked out to load their groceries into their truck when they realized it was not where they parked it. Rose Angus says they filed a police report, posted on social media after the incident. The next morning when they were getting ready to file an insurance claim, they saw a man pulling into their driveway in their truck. 

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At first, they thought the man was the thief, but he told them he was at the Walmart on Carlisle and Menaul when he saw a “for sale” sign on the truck. When he noticed the ignition was punched out, he thought something was off and confronted the people selling the truck. The thieves then took off.

The man found the registration in the truck and looked up the address. He then drove the truck straight to Angus’ home. Angus says everything happened so fast that she forgot to get the good samaritan’s name or contact information. “We plan on getting in touch with him and just telling him how amazing that was. We are going to do something nice for him just to thank him,” said Angus.

Aside from the ignition damage, the radio was also ripped off. Angus says all of her daughter’s belongings were also missing from the truck. The family has reinforced security measures on the truck and has added a kill switch.