ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Girl Scouts are known for their cookies, but on Saturday, they were showing off a different set of skills. It was the first-ever Holiday Entrepreneur Craft Fair, where Girl Scouts from 4th-12th grade create their own goods to sell.

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They also designed and ran their own booths to sell their items from homemade jewelry, to soap, even hot cocoa bombs. One girl toured the state with her family, taking pictures along the way and turning them into greeting cards. “I hiked 150-miles and I find a lot of hearts,” she said.

“Nowadays, girl entrepreneurs are everywhere. You can go and you can find women opening businesses, women CEOs, and we want to give them the skills and the confidence to know they can do that and they can be amazing,” said Louisa Garcia of the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.

The Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails says around the age of 8, girls start to lose some of their confidence, this even has created to show the girls what they are capable of.