ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a city park dedicated to WWII veterans, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the American flag there. Now, an Albuquerque girl has done something pretty daring to bring attention to the problem.

“Torn. The edges were frayed. At the bottom, it was also torn. It was just real bad,” says Allison Layman.

Allison Layman and her father, Nick, took a trip to Bullhead Memorial Park Sunday afternoon. “Within about five minutes, we decided that it just wasn’t right that it was flying like that,” says Nick Layman.

That’s when he and his daughter decided it was time to do something about it. Allison climbed the pole to take the flag down. “She did her American Ninja Warrior, climbing up the pole,” he says.

With Kirtland Air Force Base and the VA Hospital sitting right next door, Layman says it’s unacceptable to see the American flag in such bad shape, flying at a memorial park. “There’s a lot of military active and retired, within this area. For them to see that flag is a slap in the face to them,” he says.

After calling the city out on Twitter, the Parks & Recreation Department responded with a tweet saying a volunteer group usually helped with the flags, but since the city lost touch with them, they would be replacing the flag immediately. “To leave the excuse to the volunteers that they weren’t doing their job, no the city wasn’t doing their job,” says Layman.

As of Monday morning, the city replaced the flag with a brand new one and promises to replace it at least every six months. “It looks a lot better than the one it did yesterday,” says Allison.

The city says it uses volunteers to help maintain parks, including flags. They hope to have a replacement volunteer at Bullhead by next month.

The city says the old flag was raised about a year ago. Allison and Nick will take that old flag to the New Mexico Veterans Memorial to have it retired.