ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new species of Giant Sea Scorpion was discovered in New Mexico.

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The fossil found was inside 305-million-year-old rocks in the Manzano Mountains near the Albuquerque Metro area. A team of paleontologists from the U.K. is working with The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and they have published an article that describes the new species. You can check out ‘Historical Biology’ which includes their article on this recent discovery along with a press release from the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

Curator of Paleontology Spencer Lucas explains more about the discovery and what we know so far. A member of the public found in last year, and it represents an animal we haven’t found in New Mexico before.

The four-foot-long Giant Sea Scorpion lived when the sea covered New Mexico. The fossil was found in rocks that had formed a bay long ago. The fossil discovered is the tail spike of the scorpion, this discovery can lead to more findings within New Mexico.