ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque is taking action to set aside funding to deal with abandoned shopping carts. The move is in response to a resolution that was proposed last year to get rid of the carts left throughout the city. 

The resolution is sponsored by Councilman Louie Sanchez. Monday, City Council Committee will review a proposed budget that would fund the program for the rest of the fiscal year.  

The city began a pilot program last year. Last month, the Solid Waste Management Department reported they had collected more than 1,885 carts. 

The resolution is proposing $200,000 to fund the project. The city says it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. 

“This problem is bigger than what we think it is, and the residents responsible for moving these carts aren’t just the unsheltered: they are your normal, average resident of the city of Albuquerque who is just trying to get their groceries, get on the bus and get back,” said Matthew Whelan, Director of Solid Waste Management Department. 

Most of the carts have come from big-box stores including Walmart, Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby, and Target. The city says businesses can contact them to pick up their stolen carts. The resolution doesn’t apply to shopping carts that are used by an individual, have personal belongings, or are being used as a shelter.