ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A reboot to a popular 90’s sitcom has some Albuquerque fans feeling insulted. The final season of Netflix’s original series Fuller House premiered this week and some of the characters took a quick jab at the city.

The Full House spin-off follows the now-grown-up characters from the original show. In the 15th episode of the show’s fifth and final season, one of the women takes a shot at Albuquerque. “I can’t wait to get the smell of Albuquerque off me,” she says after returning home from a trip. Another character replies, “Good luck with that.”

Longtime fans of the show say they enjoy the reboot and watching the kids they grew up with navigate motherhood. However, they aren’t fans of the disrespect directed at their city. “I guess they assume we’re ghetto. Unless you’ve actually been here and talked with the people and actually got to know everybody you’re never going to know how great it is here,” says Serah Salazar.

“They should focus on the beautiful smells of Albuquerque like the smell of green chile roasting in the fall and all the different cookings that we have here. The beautiful things we have going on in Albuquerque not on the negative of the city again or any city,” says Dorothy Garcia.

Fuller House wrapped shooting last November, well after Netflix made its big move to Albuquerque Studios. KRQE spoke with the Albuquerque Film Office and they say the joke is all in good fun.

“Albuquerque is a favorite for screenwriters to poke fun at to bugs bunny to I guess now Fuller House. We certainly appreciate the mention even though it’s in a negative tone its just a friendly punch in the arm for us no harm no foul really,” says Spokesperson Jennifer Esquivel.

KRQE reached out to Netflix but did not hear back. While Albuquerque Studios is now the production hub for Netflix shows Fuller House was not shot here.