ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Friends and family have spent the last week searching high and low for their loved one, Chris Goy.

“About 20 of his friends came out to help us search the mountains, the areas along Tramway, and Indian [School] up and down, all throughout Albuquerque,” Alex Friebely, his Husband, said. “Chris is a great guy. He is so thoughtful. He has friends in literally every continent as we have seen this past week.”

The 36-year-old left his Albuquerque home Friday afternoon. His family believes he took an Uber to the Tram. “We have video footage of him buying a ticket and going up on the tram to go for a hike on Sandia Crest,” Friebely said.

However, he never returned home. Friebely said Goy’s phone last pinged at the top of the Sandias before it turned off.

Just after his disappearance, Albuquerque Police said Goy may have been having a mental health crisis. “We’re just really concerned. We love him, and we just wanted him home. You know, there’s fear, there’s emotion, but above all, love,” Friebely said.

A police report, a private investigator, and a Facebook page later, Friebely said they have received a few tips. One of them someone said they saw Chris in the parking lot of the Embudo Canyon trailhead at the end of Indian School Road.

“We are very hopeful. There was immense fear when all we knew was Friday night at the top of the mountain, but we have tips that place him down here that brings us much hope.”

A few more tips claimed that Goy was seen in Colorado Monday afternoon on the side of I-25. Friebely said police in the area called him Wednesday, saying he may have been spotted south of Denver.

The family is now expanding their search much farther north.

“We are super hopeful. We’re hopeful all of the resources we’re using to find him will yield results,” Friebely said.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call police.