ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Festivities are back at Balloon Fiesta Park for Fourth of July celebrations.  Welcoming many for Independence Day celebrations and those out enjoying the festivities say they are glad the festivities are back after a two-year hiatus from the pandemic.

“Having a two-year hiatus if you will in other words of course from fireworks and being unable to celebrate has been tough. I understand it and a lot of communities endured that as well and back here at the Balloon Fiesta Park is a true honor,” said fireworks, Western Enterprise’s Fireworks President Jim Burnett.

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Burnett says it took him and his team four days to set up for the main attraction, the fireworks. Burnett says there will be more than a thousand firework shells set off during and all of them have been set up to go off in sync with patriotic music honoring the holiday. While the traditional red, white, and blue displays will be featured, Burnett says there are a few surprises like unique shapes such as butterflies.

Burnett and other event organizers say the celebration is all about coming together with friends and family. “It’s about inspiration, to be able to get people back into this community, the community needs this,” said Burnett.

A few families shared why they’ve missed it so much. Jennifer Ortiz shared, “I think that it’s so family friendly and reasonable, and yeah we can bring our food and just enjoy good music…local music.”

“Pre pandemic we usually get 50,000-60,000 people just depending on the year. So, we are hoping for that if not more because we have seen with some of our events that attendance is elevated because people are excited to get out.” said city of Albuquerque Events & Operations Manager Bree Ortiz.

The Freedom Fourth show will display a 21-minute firework show. The event also featured local breweries, band including country music band Shenandoah.