ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We are learning more about the man suspected of killing Jacqueline Vigil, the mother of two New Mexico State Police officers. The suspect and his family are no strangers to getting into trouble and entering the country illegally.

Court documents show how investigators believe Luis Talamantes-Romero, his sisters, and nephews all worked together to cover up the high-profile murder. “We’re going to find you guys. It might not be today or tomorrow, but we will, and there will be justice for my mom,” said Kevin Dieguez back in November 2019, Vigil’s son.

Back in November 2019, police identified a Jeep as the vehicle Talamantes-Romero and another suspect used the day of the murder. Now, newly released federal court documents show that Jeep belonged to Talamantes-Romero’s sister, Elizabeth.

The feds say she is an illegal immigrant who’s been deported before, and comes back into the states illegally. She helped her brother escape to San Antonio, Texas. A week after Vigil’s death, Elizabeth told police the Jeep was at her house near 98th and Gibson.

Then there’s Veronica Villela, another sister of Talamantes-Romero, who keeps re-entering the U.S. illegally. Back in July, she was arrested and charged with aggravated battery and child abuse after the feds say she ran someone off the road in the South Valley, with her child in the car. That person was a witness in the Vigil murder.

Talamantes-Romero’s nephews were also involved. Court documents show Erick Barron was very concerned about hiding and cleaning the Jeep. He was also frustrated with his uncle because he was always “doing dumb things.”

Recorded phone calls from MDC also show another nephew, Ricardo Barron Jr. was upset with his uncle and believed Talamantes-Romero was high on drugs when he killed Vigil. When APD got a search warrant for Elizabeth’s house, they found marijuana in Barron Jr.’s room and charged him with possession.

While all four have been named in connection with Vigil’s murder, none of them have been charged for it. KRQE News 13 asked the District Attorney’s Office if and when they will be charging these suspects, but they would not answer our question.

As far as the other suspect in the Jeep the day Vigil was murdered, Elizabeth Talamantes told the feds her cousin was also with Luis Talamanates-Romero, but it’s unclear who that person is. Luis Talamantes-Romero, Elizabeth Talamantes, Veronica Villela, and Ricardo Barron are all in federal custody. Erick Barron is in state custody.