NEW MEXICO (KRQE) –  An arrest warrant has been issued for Janelle Martinez, a now-former UPS employee accused of stealing packages. Another UPS employee first contacted police in November after suspecting a seasonal employee had been stealing packages she was supposed to be delivering.

UPS says Martinez admitted to taking an Apple Watch, but returned it and she did not take responsibility for other missing packages; she was then fired. During an investigation it was learned that 15 investigation forms had been filed with Janelle Martinez listed as the driver.

The missing items included an Apple Watch, iPhone, Xbox and more. The stolen property was valued at more than $5,300. When questioned by police, Martinez said the watch fell between the seat of her car during delivery and that her daughter found it. She told police she knew nothing about the other missing items. Martinez claimed the packages must not have been loaded for delivery or lost at the facility.

In 2016 Martinez was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a woman she was supposed to be helping. Those chargers were later dismissed. In 2019, she pleaded guilty to similar charges related to another couple she was supposed to be caring for. She was sentenced to five years of probation.