NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Attorneys for Former University of New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs is asking a judge to dismiss all charges against him. Krebs is accused of using thousands of taxpayer dollars on a lavish golf trip to Scotland for himself, his family and a former coach. Krebs is also accused of diverting tens of thousands of public dollars to benefit his friends and family.

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Attorneys for Krebs filed a motion to asking a judge to dismiss the entire indictment due to violations of right to counsel and due process. They argued the state executed a warrant and seized about 3,000 emails from Krebs’ personal account over a four or five year period; and about 200 of those emails were between Krebs and his attorney. They say this is a violation of attorney-client privilege, since some of those emails discussed central issues in the case. Krebs’ team say the state did not alert the court to this issue in a timely manner.

The state argues that investigators were told to move on from those emails and any potential evidence was never used in their case. The judge did not issue a ruling today; saying she wants to know more about the attorney general office’s procedure for handling these kings of emails. She said she also wants to review more case law. Krebs is charged with embezzlement and tampering with evidence.