ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Thrill-seekers won’t be taking slow, scared steps into the world’s longest haunted house at Expo New Mexico this Halloween season however, organizers still found a way to make people feel like they’re trapped in the middle of a horror movie.

“When we got this idea, we thought this was going to be the perfect thing. Everybody is safe within their own vehicle and everybody outside is spread out enough to where they don’t have to worry about being in constant contact with somebody,” said William Robinson, the manager of Dragon’s House of Horrors.

Once the sun sets, cars will drive onto the Santa Ana Star Center lot and turn their radios to a certain station, which will amplify the sounds going on right on the other side of the window. Car windows do have to stay rolled up. Characters will not touch cars.

Wanting to keep the screams coming, the company came up with a way to still scare people while respecting socially distancing guidelines. “Behind me, we have Dragon’s House of Horrors, Mile of Terror. It’s New Mexico’s first drive-thru haunted house,” said Robinson.

“We have skinwalkers, we have clowns, we have hill billy, we have purge,” said a character who would only identify himself as ‘Bobo the Butcher Clown.’

The characters have been practicing new terrifying techniques to still make you feel like they’re all around you, even if there is a barrier between you. “We still want to give you that feel like you’ve got to watch your back because you don’t know what’s going to pop right behind your car,” said Bobo the Butcher Clown.

The drive-thru doors will open for the weekends starting Friday, September 4, then full-time in October.

Dragon’s House of Horrors started 16 years ago in the owner’s backyard. Ultimately growing into the huge spectacle; it is every year at Expo New Mexico. Their setup holds the Guinness World Record for the longest walk-through haunted house.

“It’s such an honor. We’ve put our hearts and souls into this haunt for many, many years,” said Robinson.

Tickets are already available online for $40 per car, not per person.

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