ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city has taken the first step to approve the first application for a safe outdoor space. An organization called Dawn Legacy Point, which was created by Street Safe New Mexico, applied for a safe outdoor space along Menaul in an empty lot.

Right now, the future of sanctioned homeless camps is up in the air. In June, Councilor Brook Bassan introduced legislation that would undo the new zoning rules allowing the camps or at least create a one-year moratorium on establishing new safe outdoor spaces.

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“It requires more funding, more infrastructure, more planning, more oversight, more organization, and it is definitely something that will take a lot more work,” Bassan said.

The soonest it could be taken up is two weeks, but the city’s department of family and community services says, for now, they’re still legal. The Dawn Legacy Pointe application is awaiting review by the planning department. The city says that it takes up to five days.

If the application is approved before the city council takes action, the homeless camp would be allowed to operate because of the zoning change. A spokesperson for the department says in part, they will keep approving safe outdoor spaces until something changes.