ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family is mourning the death of their daughter. She was in a car crash over the weekend and despite being airlifted to UNMH, she didn’t make it. Kelli Ingle loved the arts, sports, science, and above all else, her family says she loved Jesus.

The Ingle family says the 22-year-old dedicated her life to serving the Lord at a very young age. “In fourth grade, Kelli accepted Jesus as her savior,” said Kristi Ingle, Kelli’s mom.

In just a few weeks, the La Cueva graduate was going to be earning her bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. She planned on becoming a nurse.

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Over the weekend, Kelli and her roommate, Chelsea Valladares, got into a crash on I-40 near the Arizona-New Mexico border. The two were on their way to Albuquerque. “She called and asked, can my roommate and I come home for a break?” Kristi Ingle explained. “I said absolutely,” she said.

Valladares died on the scene and Kelli was airlifted to UNMH. Despite doctors’ best efforts, Kelli didn’t survive. “Her life was purposed around knowing Christ, and making Christ known,” said Scott Ingle, Kelli’s brother.

They’re finding purpose in her death too. Kelli was an organ donor, something her family was unaware of until the accident. Kelli’s dad, Rick Ingle, says he was not surprised at all when he found out, describing his daughter as a giver.

Friday night, dozens of people lined the halls of UNMH for Kelli’s Honor Walk. Friend’s and family’s last chance to say goodbye to the talented young woman. Kelli’s donation could save up to four lives, one of those is a girl in Denver.

“Friends of mine have been praying for a girl in Denver,” said Kristi Ingles. “She was so sick, she needs a liver,” she explained.

Kelli happened to be a match. The Ingle’s say it proves the Lord answers prayers, calling it a miracle. They are devastated over their loss, knowing they’ll never see Kelli’s bright smile again. Despite the pain, they say her death is not in vain.

“Kelli is getting to do what she wanted to do,” said Scott Ingle, Kelli’s brother. “That was to help people, and to save lives,” he said.

Both Kelli and her roommate will be honored at the upcoming graduation ceremony at Grand Canyon University. Their families will be given honorary degrees.