ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A long fight over a fence should finally be coming to a close in city council Wednesday evening. People in Nob Hill don’t like a fake wood fence a homeowner put up saying it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood.

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“I’ve been tortured by the Nob Hill Association and they’ve been using the City of Albuquerque Zoning Department to launch an assault on my family, me, my family on our property,” said Gary Hoffman, who lives on the corner of Richmond and Silver in Nob Hill.

Hoffman and the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association have been trading blows for months over the fence. Which he believes looks good surrounding his home, cutting down on noise from the street and keeping intruders out.

“It was just an open yard and people would be sleeping on our front porch on this chair, they would be urinating, defecating on our yard,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman put up the fence with the city’s approval, but since then the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association has filed a couple of appeals claiming it’s not up to code and the fake wood-look doesn’t fit the neighborhood’s historic streetscape where most homes have stucco walls.

“Preserving historic streetscape is something that is of enormous value to our community, this has been born out for 20 years,” said Gary Eyster, the president of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association. 

Despite the group’s ongoing frustrations, a city hearing officer ruled the fence was up to code and pointed out just because something is different does not make it bad.  

“We have met every legal criteria,” said Hoffman. “This is a locally sold, locally installed fence, it’s not stucco because we didn’t have the money for stucco and that’s $30,000 for a wall around this property.” 

Hoffman said he plans on taking legal action against the neighborhood association. He claims he spent $25,000 on legal fighting these appeals. 

Neighbors also argued the fence doesn’t need to be six feet high. The hearing officer ruled Hoffman’s property needs more protection than other homes in the area because it borders a commercial street with a lot more problems than theirs do.