ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We are getting a better idea of where New Mexico United‘s new stadium will be. From the new study just released, it looks like it may end up in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. It’s the study New Mexico United has been waiting for. “I am pumped up,” United owner and CEO Peter Trevisani said. “The team is pumped up. The coaches are pumped up. It matters a lot.”

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The city released the results of a feasibility study Friday, conducted by an outside consultant, to identify where United’s stadium should go. “This is a great step,” Trevisani said. “It is an important step. There is a lot of work to do.”

The study shows that the stadium should either be at Coal and Broadway or 2nd and Iron. Both are downtown. “I think it is phenomenal,” Trevisani said.

Trevisani said the players already live downtown, and it is the perfect place for his team. “Having it be a pillar of the revitalization of downtown Albuquerque, showing the vitality of New Mexico is exactly what we should be doing, and it feels like a great spot to me,” Trevisani said.

If the city uses one of the two preferred sites, the report estimates the project would cost between $64 million and $70 million. The costs assume that construction would start next year, and the study recommends 10,000 to 12,000 seats including luxury suites. The other sites under consideration are the Railyards and 12th and I-40.

The report estimates over a 30 year period, there would be a total economic impact of more than $384 million. The city said while the study provides preliminary site proposals, no decisions have been made. “We want to put it where it has the greatest impact not just for soccer games, but for the entire community and state,” Trevisani said.

Other potential considerations for the stadium include a beer garden, possibly expanding the number of seats to 15,000, and an amphitheater. The city said the project will move through an extensive public input process before any further steps are taken. The city said the site will be available for a range of uses including performances, worship events and possibly a women’s soccer team.

Another option is at 12th and I-40 in the Sawmill area. They each have different designs based on a number of factors including location and cost. Visit the City of Albuquerque’s website to view the entire study.