ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The FBI is investigating an Albuquerque boy who’s expressed a desire to carry out a mass shooting, a boy that has already been caught once before. That boy’s initial conviction has been sealed by the FBI because he’s a juvenile, but the FBI recently filed for a search warrant after learning he’s still communicating with people he shouldn’t be and trying to cover it up.

New court documents show that the juvenile, identified as Ian Burns, has still been talking to someone in Florida named Hayden Fulmer, which was prohibited due to their “prior communication regarding their desire to commit a mass-casualty event.”

In those messages, they talk about manifestos, operations, and being misanthropic, hating all humans, “killing Muslims and shooting people’s limbs off and it making them feel good.”

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FBI agents say they also found Burns disabled the US Probation Office’s monitoring software on the laptop he was supposed to be using for school, and he had a smartphone and Nintendo Switch he shouldn’t have. They also found a diary in his room where he talks about his continued desire to commit a mass shooting, saying “he has relapsed into his old way of thinking. Adam was on my mind too.” A believed reference to Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook school shooter.

It went on to say, “I want to kill so bad, and I know I’ll have to go on a spree.” It was accompanied by a picture of a person killing multiple people from a tower with a rifle, and it says he “wants to top the list” and draws a leaderboard for the most prolific mass killers with the name Burns at the top.

Investigators say they also seized a search for mass shooting movies and dossiers and manifestos of mass shooters. The judge granted the warrant, and all the items were seized.

What’s unclear is if the FBI has arrested or charged the boy again. KRQE News 13 reached out to the FBI for confirmation. A spokesperson said the FBI does not confirm or deny investigations.

The age of Burns and how the investigators initially were alerted to his behavior is still unknown. According to that federal search warrant that they carried out in the search of his Albuquerque home in mid-September and he was using platforms including Google, Reddit, and Discord.