ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The father of murdered University of New Mexico baseball player Jackson Weller is asking Attorney General candidate Brian Colón to stop airing the attack ad that includes his son’s case. State auditor Brian Colón and Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez are running for attorney general and will face off in a Democratic primary.

Colón’s attack ad goes after Torrez’s record. Darian Bashir killed Weller outside a Nob Hill bar in 2019. Two years before the murder, Bashir was arrested for shooting a man outside a downtown bar. But Bashir never went to trial in that case. Judge Cindy Leos said in a motion, it was due to the state failing to comply with deadlines, not interviewing witnesses on time, and not responding to motions.

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Colón argues DA Torrez’s office dropped the ball and should have put Bashir in prison before Weller was killed. Weller’s father Patrick released a video today making it clear he does not place any blame on the DA who he is endorsing in the race.

A spokesperson for the DA’s office told KRQE News 13, that there were a number of procedural missteps in the prosecution of Bashir’s previous case. But they also point out they ran into problems with witnesses not showing and they say they tried to get Bashir locked up in a drive-by shooting case, but a judge released him.

Patrick Weller is asking Colón to take down the ad. Colón says he will not.

I understand that Mr. Weller is deeply hurt by what happened to his son. I’m angry that the D.A.
has been dishonest with the community by hiding his colossal failures in this defendant’s prior
case. These failures, and others like it, have made Albuquerque more dangerous for the five
years Raúl Torrez has been the D.A. New Mexicans deserve the truth, which is that due to the
DA’s incompetence, the defendant was released into the community.

Statement from Brian Colón

“I find it deplorable that Mr. Colón would exploit a family’s tragedy for attempted political gain,” said Torrez. “The Colón campaign owes the Weller family an apology and must take this video down immediately. ”

Statement from Raúl Torrez