ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – “It’s going to be everything from pizza, pasta and hamburgers to ice cream, coffee and donuts. Will have a craft beer room and a high end cocktail room.” Plans for Park Square in Uptown are quickly taking shape. “We’re looking to just give our tenants and the surrounding community options for eating, entertainment, shopping, that is an elevated place to come,” Jackie Apodaca, the Vice President of Heritage Real Estate Company said.

She says the seven acres of Park Square near Louisiana and Indian School will soon transform from current office and retail space to high end shopping and a fancy food hall with up to 20 different vendors. “Be here from morning until evening with anything from like breakfast, lunch and dinner, to Gruet Winery or jazz club for entertainment.”

The developer of Sawmill Market is also behind the project. Apodaca says it will be similar to Sawmill, but with a different feel. “Where Sawmill is a wonderful place that’s in a very industrial building, this will be a very more professional and almost business environment.”

She believes Uptown is the perfect place for something of this scale because of the hotels nearby, a large luxury apartment building across the street, and the clientele. “Those professionals need somewhere to go to eat lunch, to enjoy a cocktail, so we just want to provide them a lifestyle center that they can just get their needs met in food and enjoyment and entertainment.”

Plans to redevelop the area have been in the works for years but now, Apodaca says, the time is right. “Everything had to align up, the economy had to align up and we had to get over COVID and so now is the perfect time.”

Construction on Park Square will begin in June, they hope to open the doors as early as July of next year.