ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family’s dog found two abandoned puppies on Wednesday morning during their early morning walk in the Old Town area. Emerald Hanes and her mother took their dog, Goose, for an early walk before work.

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As they were walking along Mountain and Panmunjon roads, Goose, kept pulling on the leash, trying to take the family to a nearby ditch. “They went to the ditch and they saw Scotty and Pippin covered in dirt and mud [and] pee – just, it was so sad,” said Emerald.

After finally giving in and listening to their dog, they found a broken-down cage that had two puppies in it. The pups were covered in dirt, grime, trash, and their excrement.

The family took the two home and cleaned them as best they could. The family reached out to Animal Control and the city to see who the puppies belong to. They were unsuccessful, so they took the story to NextDoor.

According to the Emeralds, many of the neighbors reached out to check on the condition of the pups. The family has since taken the dogs to the vet and will get them neutered. The family is looking to get the puppies adopted but until then they will continue to foster them.