ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Alicia Hall, 31, was killed when John Hunter began shooting out of his Foothills home at cars stopped at a stop sign. She was almost home after leaving a doctor’s appointment when Hunter went on his shooting spree.

Her mother, Trinidad Lopez, says she is still coming to terms with Hall’s death. “It’s heartbreaking, hard, horrible, it makes us sad, it makes us mad. She is not here with us anymore and words cannot describe the tragedy that we are experiencing to have her shot down and taken away from us,” Lopez said.

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Alicia sent one last text message and it left Lopez heartbroken and wondering if her daughter was saying goodbye. “One of her last texts to me was…”mama.” I feel with that text it was some sort of call for… help me… I love you,” Lopez said.

She wants the community to know Alicia, who was Lopez’s only child, was a blessing, and always had a lot to give. “She was full of ambition and grace, her lively personality was a light to so many and the world was a better place because of her,” Lopez said.