ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a murder case that’s captured the attention of Albuquerque, and at the center of it are two Albuquerque families.

Tuesday, 19-year-old Izaiah Garcia is set to appear in court for the murder of Sandia High School student, Sean Markey.

Online, people are calling for the community to show up and show their support for Markey to make sure Garcia stays behind bars. However, that’s something both families worry could get out of hand.

“You see this from time to time where people get very passionate about a case,” said Garcia’s defense attorney, Nicole Moss.

Moss says this is certainly one of those cases.

Markey was shot outside of a homecoming after-party in September. Police say he was simply waiting for his ride home and was a completely innocent bystander.

Police say Garcia may also be connected to the murder of 21-year-old Cayla Campos at Bianchetti Park. However, he has not been charged with that crime.

Following a detention hearing on Monday for Garcia that was rescheduled, a woman not speaking for the Markey family again posted in a popular Facebook group encouraging “anyone” to show up to the detention hearing.

Markey’s legal guardian, Tara Markey-Ross, tells KRQE News 13 she appreciates all the support but wants to make sure there is enough room for family and friends in the courtroom. She’s also worried about people she doesn’t know behaving badly in court.

It’s a worry the Garcia family has too.

“People who want to just show up to watch the show, or think it’s going to be exciting or because they’re angry and want to lash out, that’s not helpful. It’s only hurtful to people who are really going through a difficult time right now,” said Moss.

Markey-Ross asks if people who are not personally connected to the case show up, to be on their best behavior.

Markey supporters are planning to wear green, Sean’s favorite color, at the hearing on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for District Court says the judge may not allow shirts with words or photos on them.

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