ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The second public scavenger hunt was held Saturday. Through riddles and a map, participants were welcomed to search the city.

The city’s (CABQ) Family and Community Services Department released the second map of a series of scavenger hunts. During the event, hunters were exposed to local art and iconic Albuquerque landmarks.

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The goal of the hunt is to let families in Albuquerque see parts of the city and observe public art.

“The city has all sorts of public art all over. Central is a hotspot for that too, and we really just want to feature all of the great art that our city has to offer,” said Cristin Chavez Smith with CABQ Family and Community Services.

If you want to participate in the last hunt, it will take place on October 1 in the Downtown area.