ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The attorney general (AG) held a summit in Albuquerque on Friday to discuss how to address New Mexico’s criminal justice system.

The event brought medical professionals and criminal justice leaders to the table.

AG Raúl Torrez said the root of New Mexico’s violent crime problem is often tied to drug use, child abuse, and mental health issues.

“The real thrust of all of this is for people to stop grasping for a magic bullet that solves all of these issues. We have to engage in hard work that looks at how all of these systems are impacting one and other, and provide policymakers with real insight from the people that are closest to the problem,” said AG Torrez.

Noting New Mexico’s continued oil revenue surge, Torrez said he’s supportive of establishing family support centers in every New Mexico county and partnering with schools to make community centers for families in crisis.